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How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

October 2, 2018




As a professional car wrapping company in Selby, one of the most common questions asked by customers is ‘How much does a car wrap cost?’.


In this post, we explore the factors that influence the cost of your car or vehicle wrap.



The type of vehicle being wrapped


Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes – from small city nip-arounds, family cars and people carriers to sports cars, light commercial vehicles and large trucks.


It stands to reason that the larger the vehicle and the more intricate the bodywork, the more time is required to create and professionally install a high-quality vehicle wrap.



The type of vehicle wrap required


There’s car wraps and there’s car wraps…we receive requests for complete vehicle wraps or just bespoke detailing for areas such as a roof, bonnet, spoiler, trims, wing mirrors, grills and badges.


The actual wrap itself can differ dependant on the area being covered and the required look - premium vinyl wraps come in various types of finish to match a customers’ needs. Gloss and Matte colours are more common, but a more bespoke look such as a Metallic or Carbon Fibre finish are more costly.


Due to the very nature of printable wrap vinyls, these are more expensive and there is also the need to add lamination films to these to protect the ink and artwork too. This adds additional costs to the overall installation.



The complexity of the design


We understand that customers are looking for vehicle wraps for different reasons – some may be looking to brand their vehicle for business purposes, some are simply looking for a colour-change; whereas others may be looking to stand-out from the crowd and make a real statement.


We love to bring creativity to the table, but the bigger or more complex the wrap design, the more time is required for the design-process.


The cost of a vehicle wrap


At Devil is in the Detail we follow our tried and trusted vehicle wrap process to ensure a high quality, professional wrap, every time.


The cost of a vehicle wrap is determined by a combination of the following:


  • Type of vehicle

  • vinyl choice and materials

  • Design time if applicable

  • the print and lamination process

  • cleaning and preparation, including trim removal and re-fit

  • the time to do the job properly


A typical average-sized car, wrapped in a standard colour finish may cost between £1,000 and £1,250 to wrap, exclusive of VAT.


A medium-sized van with a bespoke design, full-colour premium vinyl printed wrap may cost £1,500, exclusive of VAT.



Get in touch to discuss your vehicle wrap requirements


We’re always happy to discuss solutions for your vehicle wrap requirements – simply get in touch today to discuss the detail.



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